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Hungarian Hebrew Studies Conference

Schweitzer Lectures 2024

The conference of the Hungarian Hebrew Studies Society

Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest, 1 February 2024

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József Schweitzer


The Hungarian Hebrew Studies Society continues its tradition of organizing the Hungarian Hebrew Studies Conference. This one-day-long yearly meeting will take place this time on 1 February 2024, at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Our conference series commemorates the founding president of our Society, Prof dr. József Schweitzer (1922–2015), former Chief Rabbi of Hungary and director of the Rabbinical Seminary.

The Hungarian Hebrew Studies Conference has set a twofold goal. First, it provides a forum where members of the Hungarian Hebrew Studies Society, and in general, scholars of Hebrew Studies in Hungary and abroad can encounter each other, reflect upon each other’s research, and build scholarly networks. Second, we also aim at enhancing the communication between Hebrew studies and related disciplines.

The topic of a presentation may cover any subfield of Hebrew studies, including among others: the Hebrew Bible and its historical, archaeological, cultural and religious context, the Hellenistic and Roman period, Qumran and early Judaism, rabbinical and medieval Jewish literature, Jewish history, social history, cultural history, history of religion, including modern and contemporary periods. Welcome are works employing historical, social scientific, philosophical, ethnographic and anthropological, literary, linguistic and translations studies methodologies, as well. However, theological discussions related to any particular confession, independently of their scholarly worth, fall outside the scope of the Hungarian Hebrew Studies Conference.

The abstract submission deadline this year is 17 December 20 December 2023. For more details, please refer to the call-for-papers on this page.

We are looking forward to the participation of our colleagues. We are also soliciting their help in encouraging their undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students to present a talk or a poster at the Hungarian Hebrew Studies Conference.